Evviva Stella Mia


The Evviva Stella Mia line of products were created in the true spirit of celebration. The Italian traslation for "Cheers", Evviva represents everything good about friends, family and festivities.

Enjoy our line of Italian wines: Moscato d'Asti, Prosecco and Rosso e Dolce. Celebrate any occasion with our Sweet Sparkling Spumante line: Original Spumante and Crisp Apple Spumante.



Please enjoy responsibly.


Stella Mia Moscato di Asti Bottle Image
Stella Mia Prosecco Bottle Image
Stella Mia Rosso E Dolce Bottle Image
Evviva Stella Mia Sparkling Spumante Bottle Image
Evviva Sparkling Crisp Apple Spumante Bottle Image
Stella Mia