Evviva Stella Mia

Moscato d'Asti

Tasting Notes: 

Stella Mia Moscato d'Asti has flavors and aromas of sweet peaches and flower blossoms with a hint of honey. The beautiful aromas are enhanced by a slight fizzyness balanced by crisp acidity and creamy sweetness on the pallet.

Food Pairings: 

Stella Mia Moscato d'Asti can be enjoyed before dinner or after dinner as a desert by its self.

In Italy Moscato d'Asti is paired with Tiramisu, Panettone, toasted hazelnuts, apricots and figs drizzled with honey, and cake.

For more contemporary food pairings, try Stella Mia with spicy Asian or Thai takeout, smoked trout, salmon hash, melon and prosciutto, or mixed green salad with strawberries and bacon bits.


100% Moscato Bianco

Wine Region: 

Asti, Piedmont DOCG, Italy


5.5% abv

Residual Sugar:

120 grams/liter


The grapes for Evviva Stella Mia Moscato d'Asti are hand harvested and grown in combination of limestone and sandstone soils from the cool, hilly Asti region. This DOCG area is ideal for growing the Moscato Bianco grape. After harvesting, the grapes are crushed, chilled to almost freezing in stainless steel vats, fermented and bottled to capture the carbon dioxide. The result is a low alcohol (5.5% maximum by law) slightly effervescent wine, or what the Italians call vino frizzante.

Please enjoy responsibly.


Stella Mia Moscato di Asti Bottle Image